Pepe Auto Group Health and Safety Protocols

Effective March 22nd Pepe Auto Group Sales Departments have been closed for vehicle purchases. The Governor has deemed an executive order that our dealerships service departments are an “essential” business during this time, therefore we plan on continuing to service our customers. Our service departments will be partially staffed to help those customers in need of emergency repairs. We are taking EVERY precaution in order to protect our employees and customers and remain open as we feel a responsibility to help someone in need.

If our medical professionals are stuck on the road, we will be there to pick them up. If our local Grocery store employees need their car fixed to enable them to put food on the tables…we will be there for them too. When someone you know needs to pick up their prescriptions, we want to make sure your pharmacist is able to make it to work. Even our fire, police or military can turn to us for assistance. There is a reason our Governor requested service stations to stay open, and we choose to be there when needed.

The governor is also allowing us to pay our sales staff to work from home. We are choosing to help as many employees as possible during this crisis and encourage you to email, text and chat with them every day in anticipation of opening up soon. As many of you are home today, waiting this out, our sales staff is very interested in sharing our knowledge of our beautiful vehicles with you. Thank you for your understanding in these trying times and please be safe.