What is a Hybrid Car?

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White Plains drivers looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle are choosing to upgrade their commute to Yonkers with a hybrid car. What is a hybrid car exactly? The hybrid car definition is a vehicle with an electric motor and a gasoline engine. The electric motor and gasoline engine switch back and forth to provide the best possible fuel economy. Here the team at Pepe Auto Group explains the different types of hybrid vehicle powertrains. If you’re ready to switch to a hybrid, contact us and ask about our offers and incentives today!

Types of Hybrid Cars

The hybrid car meaning declares that the hybrid vehicle’s powertrain is both an electric motor and gasoline engine. In most hybrid cars, the motor and the engine work together to maximize fuel economy. However, there are different types of hybrid cars available. Learn more about them below.

Parallel Hybrid Vehicle

When asking for the hybrid car meaning, most people around New Rochelle are thinking of a parallel hybrid, which is the most common hybrid car. The parallel hybrid car definition means the electric motor and combustion engine connect to the same manual, automatic, or CVT transmission. Parallel hybrids combine their two power sources to propel the vehicle ahead.

Series Hybrid Vehicle

Series hybrid vehicles have electric motors paired with a gas engine as well. But the difference is only the electric motor is paired with the transmission, and it is the lone power source for the vehicle. The gas engine in a series hybrid acts like a generator for the electric motor; its only function is to provide power to the combustion engine.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

A plug-in hybrid is similar to a parallel hybrid because both the electric motor and gasoline engine are linked to the transmission. However, plug-in hybrids are unique because they have increased battery packs and can drive much farther on only the electric motor. If you mostly drive short distances in the Stamford area, you can likely drive solely on electric power. Then, you can go home and plug your hybrid vehicle in (similar to an electric vehicle) to recharge its battery. And if you ever run out of electric power, the gas engine will automatically kick in, and you’ll feel like you’re driving a standard vehicle.

Your Hybrid Vehicle is Waiting for you at Pepe Auto Group!

Hybrid cars are a wonderful choice for those drivers who don’t want to have range anxiety but want a fuel-efficient vehicle. Whether you want a new hybrid or pre-owned luxury vehicle, we’re happy to help you find the right one for your lifestyle. Complete a finance application and contact us today! 


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